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General opinions Please

Hi everyone, a quick intro and then a desperate plea!

I'm 29, live in Birmingham, UK. Married and poly, owned by a cat and pagan for around 3 years now. I've very recently begun working with runes but I'm fascinated with their differing energies and strongly drawn to them.

Now for the plea:
Does anyone out there have opinions / ideas about tattoos of the runes? In my user pic, you'll see my as yet unfinshed tattoo on my back. I've had the idea of having Uruz tattooed at the bottom, and then wrapping the ivy vine around it.

The symbolism behind this is specific and intended - to cut a massive story into tiny chunks, I've been through the mill (hence the 'endurance' of the ivy and I feel like I am very recently being reborn hence the choice of Uruz) Now, I know that Uruz means replenishment after destruction, and that's very apt for me too, but is there a danger in having this rather potent rune tattooed onto the body?

Any ideas would be gratefully received and considered - after all, I don't want to find myself in an everlasting circle of destruction and renewal, I'd like to just grow nicely now lol!

Thanks to all in advance

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Every once in a while, someone in my life experiences what a lot of people call a "run of bad luck."  It seems like life just body slams a person over and over again.  There are a couple of people close to me who are having times like that right now.  I was thinking about them as I went outside with coffee this morning.

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Seeking input

My previous entry here was about my anticipation for a lovely evening with my study group.  That didn't happen and the reason is something that has the potential to be a continuing refrain.

There are currently nine of us in this group - six women and three men.  The concept of the group is about 6 or 7 years old. . . several pagans on common ground, getting together twice per month to study. . . books, concepts, ideologies, magic, similarities and differences in ritual observances across the group, etc.  You name it, it's fodder for study.  I've been part of this group for a little less than 2 years now.

Membership in the group is by invitation only.  Over the years, the look of the group has morphed from one thing to the next, and one of the neat things about it to me is that although each member of the group is very much an individual, the group itself seems to have a spirit that knows when other types of energy are needed.  When members stop coming, due to other commitments in their schedules or for whatever reason, the group reassesses to see if there is something lacking and who we know that might fill the void.  The prospective group member is the topic of open discussion in the group, and if all agree, then one of us - usually the one who knows the person the best - asks them if they'd like to come to a meeting to see if they would be interested in joining with us.

However, one of our number appears to be tryng to force her "guy" on us by simply showing up with him.  (I'll call her "L" and him "J.")  The member who originally started the group, "K," was recently handfasted to "V," a man who was already part of the group.  So L calls K, asks if it's okay with her if she wags J along, and gets K's blessing.

The problem is, J is a lech.  Constantly.  Which means L, who is usually a woman not lacking in self-confidence, traipses around behind him, making sure she gets in between whomever he is trying to perv on at the moment, and casting malicious looks (and sometimes comments) in the prospective victim's direction.  It has to be her fault, right?  I mean J is the gods' gift to women. . . Not.

Not only is he a lech, he's a pretentious know-it-all who dominates conversations and leaves the participants wondering at the end just what the hell his point was.  Although we were able to have a few moments of fun last night, generally speaking, the energy was very tense.  Several of us were waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Even two of the men who usually are clueless about "women stuff" picked up and commented on the tense energy.

Y'all, I can have that kind of atmosphere at work.  I sure as hell don't want it in my home.  At 11:00 p.m. last night, I was smudging till the smoke detectors went off. . .

I am a very direct person.  So my initial thought was to just set up a time to talk to L without J around, and be very blunt.  "You change when he's around, and not for the better.  It's not my business what the two of you have going, but it is my business when it disrupts the meetings of the group.  Leave him at home next time."


I could talk to K about it, since she is perceived by L to be the person who can grant and deny permission.


I can wait and see if this little romance burns itself out when L gets tired of having to keep constant tabs on J to make sure he's not getting some on the side.


I can just pull back from the group myself and go back to independent study.


You guys can make some other workable suggestions to me for me to chew on.

Don't worry about prettying up your comments.  I prefer direct and to the point.

Aug. 18th, 2008


I'm hosting my study group at the cottage tonight, and looking forward to it.

I started this day with some very scattered and fragmented energy - beginning everything on my "to do" list at once.  But then, I made myself stop to read the cards.

The cards speak directly of the efforts of today and the rewards of tonight, in the afterglow of the Full Moon.  The Queen of Pentacles is my Earth Mother side, and she is busy today, clearing and making a welcoming space for my kin in spirit.

Each of us is looking for a harvest tonight.  Weeks ago when I suggested an evening of working and creating with herbs, roots, resins, oils and minerals, there were several gasps of delight.  I sense that in our number, there is at least one of us - perhaps more - who will come away from the evening with a new or renewed appreciation of the childlike delight and simple magic of working with the tangible fruits of Mother Earth.  My kitchen and I will be blessed with the lingering scent of newly created incense, potpourri, oils and soaking salts.  I want to make a couple of relaxing bath soaks for myself.

The energy indoors will feel mostly feminine I expect - earth and water - although I could be surprised.  Outside, I will fluff the cushions and light the candles and torches in the garden. . . then stand back and let Mother Earth and Father Sky set the stage for an outdoor retreat to a comfortable spot to contemplate as the nightsong of hundreds of my kin of the multi-legged variety serenade us.

We will be riding on the outgoing waves of the ebbing energy of the moon, and I imagine there are some of us who will let go of some things no longer useful to us so we can open the door to new experiences.  In her or his own unique way of sharing, we will be simultaneously students and teachers.

And underlying it all, the card for "What's Hidden?"

The 6 of Pentacles reminds me that, as always, the quality of the evening we will have lies in the magic and mutually satisfying exchange of gifts.

One of the LJ communities I watch is mourning_souls. Those folks take some gorgeous pics of cemetery monuments and such, which in my opinion are a type of art form.

Take a look at these three photos and tell me what you see.
What are your experiences with dreams that could mean more than they seem? I'd love to hear all kinds of stories, but specifically, has anyone ever felt that many of their dreams had to do with keeping track of someone far away? Maybe keeping a connection up in their absence?

I have a close friend who's been incredibly special to me for coming on 7 years now; I've always rather seen him as the big brother that reality denied me. He's the sort of friend who's taught me a lot of important things just by being who he is. But he's always busy, always scarce. Out of that 7 years, probably three of those went by without a word between us, for a variety of reasons; on top of that he has a hard time showing affection, you have to provoke him by being sweet to him first! Regardless, I love him deeply, and whether he's active in my life or not, since we met I often dream of him.

Some of the notable ones this past year alone have been:
*Dreaming of him appearing at my door looking all grown up and wearing a ring I found somewhat suspicious -- right before he got engaged.
*Dreaming that he'd been killed in an accident -- no, thankfully! -- and that I was trying to get in contact with a girl who'd known him; she had long brown hair. I don't see faces in dreams, but his fiancee' turned out to have the same hair.
*Several dreams over the course of a few months where he was about to leave or did leave me a message in some way, but I woke up before I could see what it was he said.
*Some days after leaving him a simple late-night message saying, "I love you a lot, you know", dreaming that he left me a message in kind -- and more importantly, not realizing until I woke up what seems like hours later that I had dreamed it.
*After we'd cut off communication due to a fight and mutual outside problems that needed dealing with, I dreamt that I was back in my high school band -- where I'd met him -- and he was making a fuss over how it was his right to sit next to me because he was my Stand Partner and everybody knew it and that was the end of that.

And, last night, when I was really hoping he would come online to talk with me and so of course he was nowhere to be found, during my usual evening nap I dreamed that he was in the kitchenette at my workplace. I toddled in to give him a hug, and he kissed the top of my head. Any dream where we touch is notable in itself, as neither of us are touchy people and we've never had any kind of physical contact this entire time; for one thing we mostly talk online and for another we both just feel awkward with social greeting hugs. Even in the bulk of my dreams we never touch at all -- but last night, I was really hoping he'd be there, and I sort of knew that that dream was all I was going to get.

All of this makes me curious just because there's so much of it. I know virtually nothing about psychic connections and the like, as I've always been the sort to write it off as my making things up to satisfy myself, or simple intuition at the most. But lately, just with him, I've sort of felt like things he doesn't like to say are coming through to me anyway, and that maybe I matter as much to him as he matters to me, and that I'm thought of, and all that.

Anyone else had anything like this happen, or heard of it?

By way of explanation

How many times has someone asked you to explain your spiritual path?  If you are like me, the answer is probably, "A bunch."

And so you start to explain, and if your listener is able to contain him/herself till the end, you are still likely to encounter vocal disbelief and the beginning of the argument the listener was framing while you were talking, instead of fully listening to you.

One of my favorite lines of thinking involves the one that starts with words to the effect of, "You believe that?  Oh come on, that's just a myth."  As in, that's just a story that someone made up and it's simply too incredible to be true.

That sort of response to my genuine answer to the question I've been asked has always irritated me and caused me to at least fleetingly consider the listener a crude boor.  In my view, that's just not polite.  And I do realize that most of the time, my listener is someone who has been commanded to witness to people like me about the one true god, and the one true path.

See, I'm one of those people who believes there is only one true path - for each individual who sincerely seeks to find it.  Mine doesn't look like yours, any more than my toothbrush looks like yours.  Because yours is yours and mine is mine.

I always wind up coming back to the wisdom of the Indians.

Indian people feel it is very poor manners to refer to the Buffalo Calf Woman's appearance as a myth or superstition.  Indians do not scoff at the story of the Israelites fleeing Egypt when the Red Sea was parted by the Great Spirit in order for the Jewish people to escape the pharaoh's pursuing army.  We have been told over and over by Christian missionaries that a man, born of a virgin, died, rose three days after his death, pushed a big stone back from his tomb, and then ascended into the spirit world.  An Indian would consider it poor manners to make fun of this spiritual story, especially if it is part of a people's spiritual history . . .Perhaps it is because our spirit guide happens to be a woman that the male-oriented missionaries find it difficult to grasp.  That is very sad.  It is their loss.  (Mother Earth Spirituality, by Ed McGaa, at page 6)

So the next time you are called upon to "explain yourself," perhaps you might want to ask your naysayers if they really wanted to hear your answer, or just a paraphrase of their own.

Giving thanks for the rain

A heckuva thunderstorm just rolled through our little hamlet.


Anyone work with herbs?

I've made myself a few combinations of calming teas.  With my job, having something to help me wind down is a good thing.

And I know valerian root is supposed to be a good one.  I have a recipe for tea.

But how in the world could you stand to drink it?  I mean, it's like dirty, nasty feet when it's dry - it has to be like wet, dirty, nasty feet as a tea.