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How easy?

This question was the topic of discussion on a message board I watch. (I have cut and pasted an edited version here.)

How easy should our spiritual path be?

Looking at various beliefs they range from severe aseticism and withdrawl from life (life of Buddha) through the ranges of adherance to customs, feasts and fasts to just a vague feeling that reading a self help book now and again suffices.

Does the more effort we put in, necessarily bring deeper spiritual connection or reward?

I haven't posted a response yet, but my initial reaction to the question lingers with me.

Why should it be purposefully hard?

I think if you are truly following your path, then the side roads along the way give you plenty of opportunities for challenge and sacrifice.

And if you haven't found any of those yet, and you are older than about 10, then I have to wonder if you are skipping down your path with your eyes closed.



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Mar. 20th, 2009 09:04 pm (UTC)

I never posted my response on the other message board. They had gotten into some postures in that thread that were just frankly. . .absurd to me.

Lots of discussion about physical suffering - if you don't already suffer phsyically, then you probably should inflict some pain on yourself. Perhaps with a cat of nine tails or a scourge.

You must fast. You must not eat meat. You must not eat anything processed. (It took all I had to not to respond to point out that as soon as you cook something, you've processed it. And how about let's all drink water straight outta that stream?)

You must not fall prey to luxuries. . . this from a bunch of people communicating on the internet.

All righty then.

What I saw was a bunch of people who were feeling guilty - about something - and wanting to spread the guilt around. Virutally no one talked about the sense of peace and blessedness of feeling the wind on their face, or seeing the amazing complexity of a flower in bloom, and how that alone can result in the knowledge that one is in the presence of the divine. No one seemed to be comfortable in their own space.

I don't get it.
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